Mohammad-Naghi Azarmanesh

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Two samples of direct fed circularly polarized (CP) microstrip antennas at 2.45 GHz printed on different substrates with high and low loss tangent are reported. A stub is used in the feed network to make the frequency with minimum return loss, f/sub r/ (resonant frequency), equal to the frequency with minimum axial ratio, f/sub cp/ (circular polarization(More)
In this paper, a modified square slot antenna with modified radiating patch, for UWB applications is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a square radiating patch with a double fed structure and a ground plane with a pair of L-shaped slots which provides a wide usable fractional bandwidth of more than 140% (3–18GHz). By optimizing the L-shaped slots(More)
In this paper the equations of basic bandgap reference (BGR) voltage circuits are reconstructed considering dependency of bandgap energy (E<inf>g</inf>) to absolute temperature. Notice that previous works all consider E<inf>g</inf> as a constant, independent of temperature variations. Dependence of bandgap energy to absolute temperature is firstly(More)
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