Mohammad Nabil

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This paper presents a symbolic formalism for modeling and retrieving video data via the moving objects contained in the video images. The model integrates the representations of individual moving objects in a scene with the time-varying relationships between them by incorporating both the notions of object tracks and temporal sequences of PIRs (projection(More)
Spatial relationships are important ingredients for expressing constraints in retrieval systems for spatial databases. In this paper we propose a uniied representation of spatial relationships, 2D Projection Interval Relationships (2D-PIR), that integrates both directional and topological relationships. We propose a graph representation for pictures that is(More)
In this paper we propose a new model for moving objects, aimed at handling video sequences in mul-timedia databases. The model integrates the representations of individual moving objects and the time-varying relationships between multiple moving objects in a scene. Several new query operators are defined within this model. Some examples illustrating the(More)
In this paper, we describe a prototype image retrieval system for distributed environments based on 2D Projection Interval Relationships (2D-PIR). The system transforms an image to a symbolic representation that describes spatial relationships among objects in the image. The image database consists of three parts: the real image repository (which is(More)
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