Mohammad N. ElBsat

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This dissertation addresses the mixed criteria finite-time bounded controller and observer design for certain classes of nonlinear systems. Finite-time bounded controllers and observers are used in guaranteeing performance bounds on the transient response. A robust and resilient mixed criteria state-feedback controller design is developed for a class of(More)
A method for predicting building loads, such as hot water load, and utility rates, such as electricity rates, over a horizon into the future is presented. Building loads and utility rates prediction find application in several energy consumption fields, including, but not limited to, optimal control of central energy plants, peak load shaving, peak load(More)
In this paper, we address the finite-time state-feedback stabilization of a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems with conic type nonlinearities, bounded feedback control gain perturbations, and additive disturbances. Sufficient conditions for the existence of a robust and resilient linear state-feedback controller for this class of systems are derived.(More)
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