Mohammad N Al Nasser

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Seropositivity to hepatitis B, C and D viruses was studied in 66 Saudi haemodialysis patients from Al Baha region, south of Saudi Arabia, and was compared to that in 380 healthy Saudis from the same region. The results showed that HCV is endemic in this region (3.6%) and the prevalence of anti-HCV in the haemodialysis patients was 45.5%, which is the(More)
We reviewed 71 cases of children and adolescents with nephrolithiasis over a 9 year period (1982-1991). The mean age was 12.3 years. The male: female ratio was 2.5:1. Twelve patients (16.9%) had bilateral stones. Fifteen patients (21%) had documented urinary tract infection. Escherichia coli was the most common organism growing in the urine cultures. Five(More)
Six girls (five Saudis and one Sudanese) aged between 3.5 and 12 years demonstrated the classic features of Rett syndrome (RS), including developmental regression with dementia, loss of acquired speech and hand function, and stereotypic hand movements. Myoclonic seizures were observed in two of them. Electroencephalography showed diffuse slowing in three(More)
Fahad A. Bashiri, MD, Muddathir H. Hamad, MD, Yasser S. Amer, MBBCh, MPed, Manal M. Abouelkheir, PharmD, BCPPS, Sarar Mohamed, FRCPCH, MD, Amal Y. Kentab, MD, Mustafa A. Salih, FRCPCH, FAAN, Mohammad N. Al Nasser, MD, Ayman A. Al-Eyadhy, MD, Mohammed A. Al Othman, MD, Tahani Al-Ahmadi, SCS-PE, SCS-PEM, Shaikh M. Iqbal, FRCPCH, Ali M. Somily, MBBS, FRCPC,(More)
BACKGROUND Studies on fragile X syndrome are scarce in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The few studies previously done have either been in the form of case reports or those performed on institutionalized mentally retarded patients. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of fragile X syndrome among cases with mental(More)
Age-specific prevalence of antibody to hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV) was studied in 831 Saudis (441 males, 390 females; 1-53 years old) from Al Baha region, south-west Saudi Arabia. There was a gradual exposure to HCV early in life with a gradual increase with age, reaching a peak of 5.3% in the 30-40 years age group. The overall prevalence was 3.6% and 3.1%(More)
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