Mohammad Mostafa Asheghan

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Synchronization between two coupled complex networks with fractional-order dynamics, hereafter referred to as outer synchronization, is investigated in this work. In particular, we consider two systems consisting of interconnected nodes. The state variables of each node evolve with time according to a set of (possibly nonlinear and chaotic) fractional-order(More)
We investigate the synchronization of two coupled complex dynamical networks, a problem that has been termed outer synchronization in the literature. Our approach relies on (a) a basic lemma on the eigendecomposition of matrices resulting from Kronecker products and (b) a suitable choice of Lyapunov function related to the synchronization error dynamics.(More)
In this paper, we address global non-fragile control and synchronization of a new fractional order chaotic system. First we inspect the chaotic behavior of the fractional order system under study and also find the lowest order (2.49) for the introduced dynamics to remain chaotic. Then, a necessary and sufficient condition which can be easily extended to(More)
We investigate a nonlinear dynamical model of a human’s heart beat rate (HBR) during a treadmill exercise. We begin with a rigorous analysis of the stability of the model that extends significantly the results available in the literature. In particular, we first identify a simple set of necessary and sufficient conditions for both input-state stability and(More)
We propose a fractional-order controller to stabilize unstable fractional-order open-loop systems with interval uncertainty whereas one does not need to change the poles of the closed-loop system in the proposed method. For this, we will use the robust stability theory of Fractional-Order Linear Time Invariant FO-LTI systems. To determine the control(More)
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