Mohammad Mortazavi

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A high accuracy system for transistor-level static timing analysis is presented. Accurate static timing verification requires that individual gate and interconnect delays be accurately calculated. At the sub-micron level, calculating gate and interconnect delays using delay models can result in reduced accuracy. Instead, the proposed method calculates(More)
Many recent studies show that Augmented Reality (AR) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies can be used to help people with disabilities. Many of these studies have been performed only in their specialized field. Audio-Visual Speech Recognition (AVSR) is one of the advances in ASR technology that combines audio, video, and facial expressions to(More)
In this paper we have presented a hardware implementation of 32-bit Fault-tolerant ALU (Arithmetic and Logic Unit) which is compared with the current techniques, Residue code, Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) with single voting and TMR with triplicated voter that are widely used in space application to mitigate the upsets, in terms of area penalty. We(More)
In parallel with enhancements in the technology of integrated circuits, transistors are implemented in silicon. Though the price is reduced; design is more complicated, which create the efficiency and power consumption. The reason why modern GDI-based circuit is the focus of attention is that in designing digital circuit, less power is required while more(More)
1. ABSTRACT A method that characterizes the timing of Intellectual Property (ZP) blocks while taking into account IP functionality is presented. IP blocks are assumed to have multiple modes of operation specified by the user. For each mode, our method calculates IO path delays and timing constraints to generate a timing model. The method thus captures the(More)
Concentrations of cadmium, copper, and lead were determined in surficial sediments and the soft tissues (foot and gills) of swan mussel Anodonta cygnea from two sampling sites in Anzali wetland, which is an internationally important wetland registered in the Ramsar Convention. The metal contents in the mussel species from the studied region were comparable(More)
Medical images include information about human body which are used for different purposes such as surgical and diagnostic plans. Compression of medical images is used in some applications such as profiling patient's data and transmission systems. Regard to importance of medical images information, lossless or near-lossless compression is preferred. Lossless(More)
To address the problem of accurate timing characterization, this paper proposes a method that fully exploits mode dependency. It is based on the premise that circuit delays are determined largely by a set of control inputs for which the number of useful combinations, i.e., modes, is small for most practical circuits. We take the mode-dependent(More)