Mohammad Moradi Shahrebabak

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Nine sexually mature rams, three Shall, three Afshari and three Zandi were used in this study. Semen of rams was collected twice per month during the four seasons of the year and blood samples were obtained via jugular vein. Seminal characteristics, scrotal dimension and blood parameters were measured at 2 week intervals. Time of the year significantly (p <(More)
Genetic parameters and genetic trends for birth weight (BW), weaning weight (WW), 6-month weight (6MW), and yearling weight (YW) traits were estimated by using records of 5,634 Makooei lambs, descendants of 289 sires and 1,726 dams, born between 1996 and 2009 at the Makooei sheep breeding station, West Azerbaijan, Iran. The (co)variance components were(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at 16-17 exon of DGAT1 gene in Lori-Bakhtiari sheep (LB) and Zel sheep (Z) breeds and provide a foundation for studying the relationship of DGAT1 gene with some carcass traits and the genetic relationship between LB sheep and Z sheep breeds. A total of 309 sheep were(More)
The main objectives of this study were to estimate genetic and phenotypic parameters for growth traits and prolificacy in the Raeini Cashmere goat. Traits included, birth weight (BWT), weaning weight (WWT), 6-month weight (6WT), 9-month weight (9WT), 12-month weight (12WT), average daily gain from birth to weaning (ADG1), average daily gain from weaning to(More)
Genetic parameters for reproductive traits in Zandi sheep were estimated from data records of 5025 lambs from 178 sires and 1967 dams collected between the years 1993 and 2010 using ASReml statistical package. Genetic parameters were estimated for four basic and two composite traits. Year of lambing and age of ewe were used as fixed effects. Due to repeated(More)
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