Mohammad Montazerolzohour

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The main role of encryption algorithms is to keep devises safe from attack. Using the best and more efficient algorithm for a device according to its storage and amount of data transfer is the most important part. This paper compares Elliptical Curve Cryptography algorithm (ECC) with RSA algorithm on a multipurpose smart card. There are three applications(More)
Smart cards are one of the efficient devices in providing security in some systems. Smart cards are secured with using encryption algorithms. Finding the best algorithm in smart cards is more of a concern these days. There are a lot of applications with different types of encryption algorithm. Although many people have worked on modifying and improving the(More)
Smart cards have many applications such as health, ID verification and access control, electronic purse card, banking card, payphone card, passport card and license card. Since, there are many kinds of smart cards, it is difficult to carry and protect them. Losing one card means losing a lot of important information. So in this paper proposes to combine(More)
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