Mohammad Monirul Islam

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Enhancing protein conformational stability is an important aspect of protein engineering and biotechnology. However, protein stabilization is difficult to rationalize as it often results from the small cumulative and intertwined effects of multiple mutations. Here, we analyzed the mechanisms behind a remarkable 13 degrees stabilization produced by a single(More)
Every growing season, paddy fields are kept both flooded and drained for a significant period of time. As a consequence, these soils develop distinct physico-chemical characteristics. For practical reasons, these soils are mostly sampled under dry conditions, but the question arises how representative the results are for the wet growing conditions.(More)
We report the high-resolution crystal structures of an extensively simplified variant of bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor containing 20 alanines (BPTI-20st) and a reference single-disulfide-bonded variant (BPTI-[5,55]st) at, respectively, 1.39 and 1.09 A resolutions. The sequence was simplified based on the results of an alanine scanning experiment, as(More)
Previous research showed a regional Cu enrichment of 6 mg kg(-1) in the top soil of the Ypres war zone (Belgium), caused by corrosion of WWI shell fragments. Further research was required since in addition to Cu, also As, Pb, and Zn were used during the manufacturing of ammunition. Therefore, an additional data collection was conducted in which the initial(More)
The magnitude and sign of the volume change upon protein unfolding are strongly dependent on temperature. This temperature dependence reflects differences in the thermal expansivity of the folded and unfolded states. The factors that determine protein molar expansivities and the large differences in thermal expansivity for proteins of similar molar volume(More)
Protein solubility is usually characterized in terms of a hydrophobicity scale, which refers to the free energy of transfer of a molecule from an aqueous to a nonpolar solution and is not a "solubility propensity scale" per se. Using a "host-guest" approach, we measured the effects of short poly-amino-acid tags (guests) on the solubility of a host protein,(More)
Understanding protein solubility, and consequently aggregation, is an important issue both from an academic and a biotechnological application viewpoints. Here we report the effects of 10 representative amino acids on the aggregation kinetics of proteins. The effects were determined by measuring the solubility of a simplified bovine pancreatic trypsin(More)
We report differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) experiments between 10 and 120 °C of Dengue 4 envelope protein domain 3 (DEN4 ED3), a small 107-residue monomeric globular protein domain. The thermal unfolding of DEN4 ED3 was fully reversible and exhibited two peculiar endothermic peaks. AUC (analytical ultracentrifugation) experiments at 25 °C indicated(More)
Continuous paddy rice cultivation requires fields to be flooded most of the time limiting seriously the collection of detailed soil information. So far, no appropriate soil sensor technology for identifying soil variability of flooded fields has been reported. Therefore, the primary objective was the development of a sensing system that can float, acquire(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This study aimed to evaluate some new biochemical parameters that help ensuring the early and precise diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in blood plasma. DESIGN AND SETTINGS A prospective study conducted with patients scheduled for some new biochemical parameters that help ensuring the early and precise(More)