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BACKGROUND Leptin is correlated with several features of metabolic syndrome; however, possible confounders (eg, obesity) of this association are not known. This study evaluated the relationship between leptin, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance in an Iranian population and further investigated whether this relationship is confounded by obesity or(More)
Static dividers in 135 GHz InP-DHBT technology have been designed, fabricated and measured. Circuits are operational from DC to 100 GHz. Due to limitations in available measurement equipment, investigation of the circuit operation beyond 100 GHz is not possible at this time, however, already, to the authors' knowledge, this is the highest toggling frequency(More)
In tropical regions, different species of fiddler crabs coexist on the mangrove floor, which sometimes makes it difficult to define species-specific habitat by visual inspection. The aim of this study is to find key environmental parameters which affect the distribution of fiddler crabs and to determine the habitats in which each species was most abundant.(More)
The GC content of synonymous sites is elevated in genes from both Brassica oleraceae and Arabidopsis lyrata compared with Arabidopsis thaliana. However, this shift in base composition is independent of gene expression level, and there is no evidence for a similar difference in the frequency of codons preferred by translational selection. The results suggest(More)
A fully integrated and differential AlInAs/InGaAs HBT voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with wide tuning range was demonstrated for 40 GHz wireless and optical communication applications. To our knowledge, this 40 GHz IC is the highest frequency fundamental mode fully integrated and differential VCO with wide tuning range ever reported. This VCO delivers(More)
Half clock rate 4-bit flash A/D converters have been designed and fabricated in HRL's InP-HBT-OEIC technology. Two versions of the circuits (with and without on-board divider) have been characterized. The circuits utilize distributed resistor ladder structure to create the quantization reference voltages. Based on signal-to-noise-and-distortion(More)
Due to inappropriate planning and management, accelerated urban growth and tremendous loss in land, especially green space, have become a great challenge for sustainable urban development. Detection of such changes may help decision makers and planners to understand the factors in land use and land cover changes in order to take effective and useful(More)
A compact, high-performance active feedback amplifier circuit is presented with more than 50 GHz bandwidth characteristic and less than /spl plusmn/2 ps group delay variation. InP heterogeneous bipolar transistor (HBT) technology is used to design and fabricate this amplifier circuit. Input and output return losses are better than 10 dB up to 50 GHz. The(More)
A potentially ultrafast optical analog-to-digital (A/D) converter scheme is proposed and was partly studied experimentally. In the A/D converter scheme the input signal controls the wavelength of a diode laser, whose output beam is incident on a grating. The beam from the grating hits a diffractive optical element in an array. The wavelength determines(More)