Mohammad Mokhtari

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We describe our research activity on the integration of technologies in the environment of people with disabilities who have reduced abilities to perform daily living tasks and who are usually using adapted systems, described as assistive technologies, to compensate, even partly, the problems of daily activities. This paper focuses on the process design of(More)
User adaptability and acceptability in heterogeneous environments are very important issues, mainly for people with disabilities. Traditional technology-push approaches fail in overcoming the needs. It becomes crucial to adopt a user-centric approach, both from methodological and technological points of views. In this paper we present a semantic matching(More)
Due to inappropriate planning and management, accelerated urban growth and tremendous loss in land, especially green space, have become a great challenge for sustainable urban development. Detection of such changes may help decision makers and planners to understand the factors in land use and land cover changes in order to take effective and useful(More)
Supplier selection, Inventory control and economy order quantity is always 1 of the most important issues in manufacturing industries and textile industry is no exception. Unfortunately traditional performances of some managers in this industry have led to bankrupting and closuring of some factories. In this study, we use fuzzy Delphi, fuzzy AHP and VIKOR(More)
(HPF) examined in this study, we also found that the most precise subpixel estimate were obtained by FSIM downscaling method (R 2 = 0.96, RMSE = 0.01); although, the outputs of three other methods were significant.
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