Mohammad Mokhtari

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Micromachined inertial sensors are often incorporated in closed loop force feedback structures; a particularly advantageous approach is based upon the inclusion of the sensing element in a sigma-delta modulator (Σ∆M) type control structure. The order of the Σ∆M, and hence the noise shaping properties, is usually limited by the dynamics of the mechanical(More)
In tropical regions, different species of fiddler crabs coexist on the mangrove floor, which sometimes makes it difficult to define species-specific habitat by visual inspection. The aim of this study is to find key environmental parameters which affect the distribution of fiddler crabs and to determine the habitats in which each species was most abundant.(More)
In mangrove ecosystems, litter fall accumulates as refractory organic carbon on the sediment surface and creates anoxic sediment layers. Fiddler crabs, through their burrowing activity, translocate oxygen into the anoxic layers and promote aerobic respiration, iron reduction and nitrification. In this study, the effects of four species of fiddler crabs (Uca(More)
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