Mohammad Mojtaba Ebrahimi

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—This paper presents a development of a wideband delta-sigma modulator for fully digital GHz transmitters. The fully digital RF transmitter is developed as a promising solution for software defined radio (SDR) terminals and applications. The fully digital transmitter consists of a delta-sigma modulator, a high-speed multiplexer and a switching-mode power(More)
—This paper proposes a complete transmitter prototype for wireless applications using envelope tracked pulsed gate modulated power amplifier (PA). The proposed transmitter architecture is developed using two high power 10 W gate modulated PAs combined in a fashion to operate as a switched voltage source for the range of duty cycles of pulses driving the(More)
In this paper a comparative study of 10 watt GaN polar transmitters for base-station application is carried out. Two main topologies are compared and studied. In the first topology, the drain of the transistor is modulated with the pulse format of the signal's envelope, and in the modified topology, the gate of the transistor is modulated with the pulse(More)
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