Mohammad Moghaddam Tabrizi

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This paper presents an approach to design of a high frequency switched capacitor filters for video communication networks. In the case of low OSR, using common methods reduces the SNDR and accuracy of the filter. Bilinear implementation techniques are applied to an untried fifth-order elliptic SC filter, and are simulated in a 0.35mm CMOS technology. Cutoff(More)
In this paper substrate network resistances are analyzed and extracted for multi-finger MOS transistors used in RF applications. The commonly used model for MOS transistors in RF applications mainly consists of a substrate resistance network having three resistors. A typical horseshoe CMOS transistor laid out and all substrate resistances are extracted from(More)
The most promising scheme for high-speed low power communication over long on-chip interconnects is Current-mode signaling (CMS) with dynamic overdriving scheme. A variation tolerant dynamic overdriving CMS scheme is proposed. The proposed CMS scheme employs a smart bias circuit in transmitter side. The smart bias is energy efficient and it reduces the(More)
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