Mohammad Moein Almasi

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Widely used in development of web services, Scrum contributes to agile service development, reducing the Time To Market (TTM) and increasing the profit to service providers. Caring for dynamic requirement changes and incremental development of web services are other advantages of employing Scrum for development of web services. However there are several(More)
Addressing security in early stages of web service development has always been a major engineering trend. However, to assure security of web services it is required to perform security evaluation in a rigorous and tangible manner. The results of such an evaluation if performed in early stages of the development process can be used to improve the quality of(More)
It is impossible to identify all of the internal and external security faults (vulnerabilities and threats) during the security analysis of web services. Hence, complete fault prevention would be impossible and consequently a security failure may occur within the system. To avoid security failures, we need to provide a measurable level of fault tolerance in(More)
Automated unit test generation has been extensively studied in the literature in recent years. Previous studies on open source systems have shown that test generation tools are quite effective at detecting faults, but how effective and applicable are they in an industrial application? In this paper, we investigate this question using a life insurance and(More)
Nowadays with growth of information technologies, organizations are constantly collecting information about individuals. Public availability of these datasets can considerably benefit the society. To ensure data privacy of a released dataset, various privacy models have been introduced. While many privacy models and techniques have been proposed for data(More)
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