Mohammad Mirabi

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Flow-shop scheduling problem (FSP) deals with the scheduling of a set of n jobs that visit a set of m machines in the same order. As the FSP is NP-hard, there is no efficient algorithm to reach the optimal solution of the problem. To minimize the holding, delay and setup costs of large permutation flow-shop scheduling problems with sequence-dependent setup(More)
Flow-shop scheduling problem categorized as NP hard problem and it means development of heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches to solve it is well justified. In this paper we address a permutation flow shop scheduling problem considering the minimization of the make-span. Following that we develop a hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm for the presented(More)
This paper presents a new constructive approach based on simulated annealing for the large scope of scheduling problem can be assumed as traveling salesman problem (TSP). The main contribution of this research is developing a new definition of TSP. We solve the TSP when there are no roads between some cities. This leads us to incomplete graph constructed(More)
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