Mohammad Mirabi

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Human tracking in dynamic scenes has been an important topic of research. Objects in the world exhibit complex interactions when captured in a video sequence, some interactions manifest themselves as occlusions. A visual tracking system must be able to track objects which are partially or even fully occluded. In this paper, we propose an approach for(More)
Flow-shop scheduling problem (FSP) deals with the scheduling of a set of n jobs that visit a set of m machines in the same order. As the FSP is NP-hard, there is no efficient algorithm to reach the optimal solution of the problem. To minimize the holding, delay and setup costs of large permutation flow-shop scheduling problems with sequence-dependent setup(More)
Flow-shop scheduling problem categorized as NP hard problem and it means development of heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches to solve it is well justified. In this paper we address a permutation flow shop scheduling problem considering the minimization of the make-span. Following that we develop a hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm for the presented(More)
This paper presents a new constructive approach based on simulated annealing for the large scope of scheduling problem can be assumed as traveling salesman problem (TSP). The main contribution of this research is developing a new definition of TSP. We solve the TSP when there are no roads between some cities. This leads us to incomplete graph constructed(More)
In many real-world production systems, it requires an explicit consideration of sequence-dependent setup times when scheduling jobs. As for the scheduling criterion, the tardiness, holding and setup costs are always regarded as the most important criteria in practical systems. Considering all of these criterions has received little attention in the(More)
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