Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi

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In this paper first by considering the notions of hyperalgebraic structures such as hypergroups, polygroups, hyperrings, ..., we define the notion of (sub) hyperalgebraic systems in general, also we define the notions of T-fuzzy (weak) hyperalgebraic systems, which are the generalization of fuzzy hyperalgebraic structures. Then we give some related basic(More)
This paper deals with the concept of complete residuated lattice-valued (referred to as L-valued) finite tree automata. In this regard, we first define an L-valued regular tree language, and then we prove a necessary and sufficient condition for the regularity of an L-valued tree language. Furthermore, we generalize the pumping lemma for L-valued finite(More)
In this paper, we consider the general fuzzy automata based on complete residuated lattice-valued (L-GFAs). We mainly discuss the relationship between the category of L-GFAs and the category of non-deterministic automata (NDAs). Specially, we show that instead of a general fuzzy automaton we can deal equivalently with a chain of non-deterministic automata.(More)
Recently, an emphasis has been placed on the content based Information Retrieval Systems (IRS). Finding documents based on content similarity using background knowledge is becoming an increasingly important task. This paper aims for two main tasks in order to high quality document retrieval; first, we present our formulation of fuzzy ontology and then, by(More)
In this note we consider the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy (weak) dual hyper K-ideals and obtain related results. Then we classify this notion according to level sets. After that we determine the relationships between intuitionistic fuzzy (weak) dual hyper K-ideals and intuitionistic fuzzy (weak) hyper K-ideals. Finally, we define the notion of the product(More)
In this paper, first, we define the notions of intuitionistic admissible relation and intuitionistic admissible partition for a BL-intuitionistic general L-fuzzy automaton. After that, we give the notion of quotient BL-intuitionistic general L-fuzzy automaton. By considering the notion of maximal intuitionistic admissible partition we obtain minimal(More)
We consider tree automata based on complete residuated lattice-valued (for simplicity we write L-valued) logic. First, we define the concepts of response function and accessible states (with threshold c) of an L-valued tree automaton. Thereafter, we consider coding of trees and investigate the relation between response function on trees and their coding.(More)