Mohammad Mehdi Fateh

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This paper presents novel robust voltage-based tracking control approaches for electrically driven robot manipulators in the Task-Space (TS). The proposed control laws are simple, fast response and robust with ignorable tracking errors. They are superior to torque-based control approaches due to be free of manipulator dynamics. In addition, the TS control(More)
A Robust Anti-Windup Control (RAWC) method is proposed for n-Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) electrically driven robots considering the actuator voltage saturation. The actuator's saturation is fairly modeled by a smooth nonlinear function and the control design task is developed to avoid windup besides being robust against both model uncertainties and external(More)
This paper presents a novel adaptive control for electrically driven robot manipulators based on the voltage control strategy. The control law is designed using a nominal model. Then, Fourier series is applied to estimate the uncertainty originated from the mismatch between the actual model and nominal model. The uncertainty includes parametric uncertainty,(More)
The transposed Jacobian is proposed to transform the control space from task space to joint space, in this paper. Instead of inverse Jacobian, the transposed Jacobian is preferred to avoid singularity problem, short real time calculations and its generality to apply for rectangular Jacobian. On-line Jacobian identification is proposed to cancel parametric(More)