Mohammad Masoumi

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In this paper a low power, 4-bit, 50 MHz flash ADC in 130nm technology is presented. Power consumption is the most important objective in this ADC. Two blocks, S/H and Latch, can be omitted in this ADC because of the comparator and encoder structures. Flash ADC has a peak SNDR of 23.47dB at Nyquist frequency while the power consumption is 130μW with(More)
A high spatiotemporal resolution, wireline operation-based, in-vivo neural recording system is presented. The proposed system allows selecting 64 channels from 512 recording sites. The neural signals from the 64 selected sites are amplified, filtered, and finally multiplexed in the time domain. The output signals of each multiplexer are buffered, converted(More)
Intrusion Detection Systems are important tools in computer networks security. To date, many practical methods have been proposed using data mining techniques, however, presence of novel is not considered in most of the proposed method. As the presence of novel attacks in the real world is unavoidable, proposing methods that consider novel attacks is(More)
Ethernet, a popular technology in IT industry, with high transmission rate, simple maintenance, and compatibility with different types of links was invented for local and small-scale computer networks. However, current spanning tree-based Ethernet protocols do not meet the requirements for metro Ethernet networks in terms of network resilience. One of the(More)
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