Mohammad Masoum

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The expected values of hematologic and serum biochemical parameters in domestic animal species can be affected by breed, age, environment, and nutrition. There is a lack of published data on hematological reference values of the Sangsari breed. Thus, the purpose of the present study was to determine hematological reference values for the Sangsari sheep in(More)
Load shedding is some of the essential requirement for maintaining security of modern power systems, particularly in competitive energy markets. This paper proposes an intelligent scheme for fast and accurate load shedding using neural networks for predicting the possible loss of load at the early stage and neuro-fuzzy for determining the amount of load(More)
[8] A. Mansoor, W. M. Grady, and P. Verde, “Harmonic current diversity for distributed thyristor-controlled incandescent lighting loads,” presented at the IEEE Int. Conf. Harmonics in Power Systems, Bologna, Italy, Sep. 1994. [9] IEEE Recommended Practices and Requirements for Harmonic Control in Electric Power Systems, IEEE Std. 519, 1992. [10] E. F.(More)
Photovoltaic (PV) cell converts sunrays into electrical energy, which has non-linear I-V characteristics. For extracting maximum power from photovoltaic (PV) array for varying environmental conditions, it is necessary to use MPPT tracker. The MPPT consists of DC-DC converter and MPPT algorithm, DC-DC converter is inserted between solar panel and load or(More)
One of the most important parameters of the system where wind turbine generators (WTGs) are connected is voltage profile at the point of common coupling (PCC). In the earlier stage, WTGs were possible to be disconnected from the system to avoid the damage of WTGs. Following the rapid injection of WTGs to the existing network during last decades, the(More)
Flashover of insulators in transmission and distribution systems may cause costly outages for power companies and their customers. Industrial and/or coastal pollution of external insulation is a major cause for such events at the normal power frequency voltage of the systems. The power companies are now facing increasing competition resulting in pressure to(More)
Current grid codes request the wind turbines (WTs) to have a decent level of fault ride through (FRT) capability and also participate in recovering the network stability following contingencies. Modern WTs are mostly equipped with power converters that allow them to control the output power under various operating conditions. However, there are some Fixed(More)
More stringent grid codes have been set by transmission regulators requiring the wind farms to have proper fault ride through (FRT) capability and actively participate in maintaining network stability following severe disturbances. This may not be easily achieved as the intermittent behavior of wind turbines are highly affected by the environment factors as(More)
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