Mohammad Maqbool Dar

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BACKGROUND Delirium or acute confusional state is an acute neuropsychiatric syndrome, with varied cognitive dysfunctions. However, no comprehensive studies about this common condition have been carried out in India. OBJECTIVES To assess cognitive dysfunctions in hypoactive and hyperactive delirium. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty cases of delirium including(More)
BACKGROUND Resistance to recommended medications has been an issue in dealing with a number of psychiatric ailments, and it is showing up as an ongoing challenge for contemporary mental health experts. Resistant psychiatric disorders not only increase the morbidity of patients suffering from such severe conditions but also intensify the problems of their(More)
Chronic epilepsy is leading to behavioral changes including obsessive-compulsive symptoms has been well-studied and shown to be about 22%, but the converse has not been reported. Here, we present a case discussion of a 45-year-old female, who presented with recurrent seizures with hyponatremia, which latter was ascribed to her undiagnosed obsessive(More)
BACKGROUND The progress that man has made in all domains of life, during all these years of reign over the earth, is utterly remarkable. However, it always came at a price. Each epoch of progress has seen human beings inflicted with trauma and cynical consequences. During the last two decades, Kashmiri (Indian) people have experienced continuous violence, a(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) among adults in field practise areas of Government Medical College, Srinagar, India. METHODOLOGY The present study was cross-sectional in nature and was conducted in field practice areas of Government Medical College Srinagar. Three blocks of field practise areas of Government(More)
Background/Aims Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic psycho-physiological disorder. It is considered to be the most common functional gastrointestinal disorder, and about 50-90% of IBS patients have associated psychiatric co-morbidity. We aimed to study psychiatric co-morbidities in patients with IBS visiting a tertiary care center. Methods This(More)
Suicide and attempted suicide is an important health issue and the number of people who die of suicide exceeds that of conflicts. Kashmir has been suffering from a low intensity war since last 20 years in which thousands have been killed or injured. There has been phenomenal increase in cases of psychological disorders along with suicide and and suicide(More)
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