Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam

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Security and privacy issues have become critically important with the fast expansion of multiagent systems. Most network applications such as pervasive computing, grid computing, and P2P networks can be viewed as multiagent systems which are open, anonymous, and dynamic in nature. Such characteristics of multiagent systems introduce vulnerabilities and(More)
— Ensuring sufficient power in a sensor node is a challenging problem now-a-days to provide required level of security and data processing capability demanded by various applications scampered in a wireless sensor network. The size of sensor nodes and the limitations of battery technologies do not allow inclusion of high energy in a sensor. Recent(More)
Energy is one of the main obstacles to deploying wireless sensor networks (WSNs) because tiny sensor nodes cannot accommodate sufficient energy for achieving the desired level of usage. The clustering protocols of wireless sensor network attain the acme popularity among researchers because of effective usage clustering concepts based on locality and the(More)
— Military Applications of Wireless Sensor Network in domains of maximizing security and gaining maximum benefits while attacking the opponent is a challenging and prominent area of research now-a-days. A commander's goal in a battle field is not limited by securing his troops and the country but also to deliver proper commands to assault the enemies using(More)
Images are intentionally distorted in many reversible data hiding schemes. This distortion is performed either by encrypting before data embedment or by applying histogram association mapping (HAM) during data concealment. The later one minimizes the processing complexity and demolishes the requirement of sharing secret keys. In the HAM, each block's pixels(More)