Mohammad Mahdi Salary

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Consider a cylindrical structure with an arbitrary core coated by layers with inhomogeneity in both radial and azimuthal directions in the most general case. The core of the structure may be PEC, PMC, PEMC, impedance surface, dielectric, or metamaterial and an electromagnetic (EM) wave with arbitrary polarization is obliquely incident on the structure. In(More)
A new reconfigurable frequency selective surface (RFSS) design is introduced. The structure comprises a planar array of vertical dipoles which are pinned to the substrate at the center. The dipoles in each row are connected together with two long horizontal stripes at the top and the bottom so that by moving connecting stripes forward and backward(More)
This paper concerns with the interaction of electromagnetic waves with a moving slab. Consider a homogeneous isotropic slab moving uniformly in an arbitrary direction surrounded by an isotropic medium (free space). In this paper a new simple and systematic method is proposed for analyzing reflection and transmission of obliquely incident electromagnetic(More)
Nature is full of mysteries which scientists are interested in discovering them. One of these secrets is the communication between insects. This subject involves not only with zoology but also attracts electrical engineers’ interest. This is done by the discovery of the electromagnetic communication between insects. Insect antennae play the role of the(More)
We present novel design approaches for metasurfaces and metamaterials with electrical tunability offering real-time manipulation of light and serving as multifunctional devices in near-infrared frequency regime (at the specific wavelength of 1.55 μm). For this purpose, we integrate indium-tin-oxide (ITO) as a tunable electro-optical material into(More)
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