Mohammad M. Fateh

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Robust control approaches have been extensively developed to control robot manipulators in joint-space. Even though they can present perfect tracking performances in joint-space, they cannot provide satisfactory performances in workspace under imperfect transformation of control space. In addition, many task-space approaches have assumed the perfect(More)
This paper presents novel robust voltage-based tracking control approaches for electrically driven robot manipulators in the Task-Space (TS). The proposed control laws are simple, fast response and robust with ignorable tracking errors. They are superior to torque-based control approaches due to be free of manipulator dynamics. In addition, the TS control(More)
In this paper, a novel control approach for tracking control of robot manipulators in the task space is developed which not only parametric uncertainties but also unstructured uncertainties such as friction, disturbances and un-modeled dynamics are considered. Disregarding the unstructured uncertainties may cause an unstable closed loop control system. A(More)
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