Mohammad M. Amini

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Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is often used for preconcentration and determination of metal ions from industrial and natural samples. A traditional single variable approach (SVA) is still often carried out for optimization in analytical chemistry. Since there is always a risk of not finding the real optimum by single variation method, more advanced(More)
Companies competing in today's global economy are challenged by two critical yet conflicting issues related to their supply chains. On one hand, they are under ongoing pressure to reduce operational and inventory costs, which requires keeping inventory levels low. On the other hand, they must achieve a high customer service level by having inventory(More)
In this paper the new one-degree and two-degree of freedom H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> loop shaping robust controllers are designed for a seeker scan loop, which has model uncertainty and subjects to external &amp; internal disturbances. Both one-degree and two-degree of freedom H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> loop shaping are constructed of two main stages; first, the(More)
A novel modified graphene oxide nanocomposite was fabricated via a facial procedure, aiming to removal of the aromatic pollutants from aqueous solution. The graphene oxide (GO) was functionalized with 9-aminoanthracene and produced graphene oxide-9-aminoanthracene (GO-9-AA). FTIR, XRD, TGA, TEM and Raman spectroscopy techniques were used for(More)
In this paper an optimal robust controller, in terms of structured singular value-&#x03BC; minimizing is designed for spin stabilized seeker, for achieving proper robust stability and robust performance with respect to the multiplicative input diagonal uncertainty. This optimal robust control can be designed using DK-iteration. This optimality involves(More)