Mohammad Khayyer

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The objective of this study was to examine the relationships of amotivation, extrinsic motivation, and intrinsic motivation with learning the English language. The 230 Iranian students at Shiraz University were tested using the Language Learning Orientations Scales to measure Amotivation, Extrinsic Motivation, and Intrinsic Motivation as explanatory(More)
The present study examined the correlations of scores for motivational beliefs and self-regulated learning outcomes among 200 college students who responded to Motivational Strategies for Learning Questionnaire. Analysis showed a positive correlation between scores for motivational beliefs and self-regulated learning outcomes but a negative one for scores(More)
BACKGROUND Being a nurse is more than just a series of business activities and skills. In fact, it is a part of the process of socialization, which is internalization and development of professional identity. Professional socialization is necessary for involving the students in professional practices. Thus, the purpose of this qualitative research was to(More)
We are now more or less confronting a "challenge of responsibility" among both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and some recent alumni from medical schools in Iran. This ethical problem calls for urgent etiologic and pathologic investigations into the problem itself and the issues involved. This study aimed to develop a thematic conceptual(More)
There is a shortage of quantitative measures for assessing the concept of responsibility as a fundamental construct in medical education, ethics and professionalism in existing literature. This study aimed to develop an instrument for measuring responsibility in both undergraduate and graduate medical students during clinical training. Instrument content(More)
A comparison of scores on locus of control by two groups of children, 89 who had experienced parental physical punishment and 174 who had not experienced parental physical punishment, showed that children with experience of physical punishment scored significantly more external than children who had not experienced physical punishment. The results are(More)
BACKGROUND It seems we are now experiencing "responsibility problems" among medical trainees (MTs) and some of those recently graduated from medical schools in Iran. Training responsible professionals have always been one of the main concerns of medical educators. Nevertheless, there is a dearth of research in the literature on "responsibility" especially(More)
A comparison was made of scores on locus of control by 210 Muslim and 210 Jewish school students. These two groups were matched on sex, age, and father's education. No significant differences were found between Muslim and Jewish students. Also, frequencies of the responses to each scale item in two religious groups were compared. The results are considered(More)
The purpose of the present study was to compare the attitudes of individuals with and without intellectual disability toward their quality of life. Associations between demographic variables such as sex, age, father's education, and father's occupation and quality of life were also assessed. 40 people with intellectual disability from special schools were(More)