Mohammad Khalid Hamza

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Do your students seem uninterested in learning about computing? Do they complain that the subject matter has no relevant application to the "real world"? Do they appear baffled, bored, and inattentive? Your mission as a creative facilitator is not to assign a grade; your mission is to educate students to think, learn, and make new connections they never(More)
  American higher education have been in pursuant of establishing virtual classrooms where learners can obtain their education at the comfort of their homes and via the Internet. However, one must ask, " how can students perform real lab experiments over the Internet? " To examine this distance education (DE) challenge, two researchers from Florida(More)
Fostering Problem Solving & Creative Thinking in the Classroom: Cultivating a Creative Mind! " The preservation of this nation's way of life and future security depends upon its most important national resources; intellectual abilities and, more important, creative abilities. It is time, then, that we learn all we can about those resources " (Guilford,(More)
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