Mohammad Kazemi

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The dependence of the fracture energy and the effective process zone length on the specimen size as well as the crack extension from the notch is analyzed on the basis of Bazant's approximate size effect law. The fracture energy and the effective length of the fracture process zone is defined on the basis of the extrapolation to an infinite specimen size,(More)
The paper shows that a previously proposed size effect law can be used to identify nonlinear fracture properties solely from measured maximum loads of geometrically similar ceramic fracture specimens of sufficiently different sizes. This law represents a first-order global approximation of the deviations from linear elastic fracture mechanics, independent(More)
Multi-mode fibers (MMF) are typically used in LAN applications, in links which may reach or exceed 300 meters. Widespread use of electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) for MMF is prompted by the ratification of the 10GBASE-LRM standard [1]. A number of studies have demonstrated the superiority of MLSD for this application (see [2] and references therein).(More)
Injured cartilage is difficult to repair due to its poor vascularisation. Cell based therapies may serve as tools to more effectively regenerate defective cartilage. Both adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and human adipose derived stem cells (hADSCs) are regarded as potential stem cell sources able to generate functional cartilage for cell(More)
A rabbit antiserum raised against ovine trophoblast protein-1 (oTP-1) was used to stain Western blots of the protein components from the uterine flushings of pregnant ewes (n = 61), non-bred cyclic ewes (n = 22), bred-but-nonpregnant ewes (n = 36), pregnant cows (n = 34), and bred-but-nonpregnant cows (n = 15). Nonpregnant animals were defined as ones from(More)
Ovine trophoblast protein-1 (oTP-1), the major product secreted by the trophectoderm of the sheep conceptus between days 13 and 21 of pregnancy, is considered to mediate maternal recognition of pregnancy by maintaining the function of the corpus luteum. Its amino acid sequence has 40-55% identity with various mammalian interferons-alpha (IFN-alpha), and it(More)
There are some evidences for suggesting that adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) can be differentiated to the fate of neural cell type. ADSCs can be expanded rapidly in vitro and can be obtained by a less invasive method. In this study, we attempted to compare the stability of neural differentiation in human ADSCs by using two induction protocols. Isolated(More)
BACKGROUND Streptococci are the main causative agents in plaque formation and mutans streptococci are the principle etiological agent of dental plaque and caries. The process of biofilm formation is a step-wise process, starting with adhesion of planktonic cells to the surfaces. It is now a well known fact that expression of glucosyltransferases (gtfs) and(More)
Size effect in the split-eylinder (Brazilian) tensile test is studied experimentally and analyzed theoretically. Tests of a very brood size range, 1:26, were conducted on cylindrical discs of constant thickness made from concrete with aggregate of a maximum size of 5 mm (2 in.). The results confirm the existence of size effect and show that up to a certain(More)
Multiple description coding (MDC) is one of the promising solutions for live video delivery over lossy networks. In this paper, we present a review of MDC techniques based on their application domain and we explain their functionality, with the objective of giving enough insight to designers to decide which MDC scheme is best suited for their specific(More)