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Multi-mode fibers (MMF) are typically used in LAN applications, in links which may reach or exceed 300 meters. Widespread use of electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) for MMF is prompted by the ratification of the 10GBASE-LRM standard [1]. A number of studies have demonstrated the superiority of MLSD for this application (see [2] and references therein).(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNAs, 19–25 nucleotides in length involved in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression of great majority of the human protein coding genes. Different aspects of cellular activities like cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation are regulated by miRNAs through their interaction with particular RNA(More)
BACKGROUND Schwann cells (SCs) can provide a suitable option for treatment not only diseases of peripheral nervous system (PNS), but also diseases of central nervous system (CNS). It is difficult to obtain sufficient large number of SCs for clinical purpose because of their restricted mitotic activity, and by sacrificing one or more functioning nerves with(More)
BACKGROUND Pancreatic cancer has poor prognosis by surgical and chemotherapy when it is diagnosed, so other anti-cancerous assistant therapeutic drugs are suggested e.g. epigenetic reversal of tumor-suppressor genes on promoter hypermethylation. 5-Aza-CdR is a nucleoside analog of DNMTi but it has long-term cytotoxicity effects. This study compares the(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the efficacy of an effective anodized titanium surface with enhanced attachment of endothelial progenitor cell (EPC). BACKGROUND In-stent restenosis is a major obstacle for vascular patency after catheter-based intravascular interventions. Recently, stents that capture EPCs have been paid attention in order to make a functional(More)
The Schwann cells (SCs) may be obtain from nerve biopsies for autologous transplantation. However, it is difficult to obtain sufficient amount of SCs for clinical applications. Human adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) can be induced to differentiate into Schwann-like cells (S-like cells) and used for autologous transplantation. However, effect of leukemia(More)
Multiple description coding (MDC) is one of the promising solutions for live video delivery over lossy networks. In this paper, we present a review of MDC techniques based on their application domain and we explain their functionality, with the objective of giving enough insight to designers to decide which MDC scheme is best suited for their specific(More)
OBJECTIVE MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNAs, 19-25 nucleotides in length involved in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in a considerable majority of mRNAs. In many tumors, up- or down-regulation of different miRNAs has been reported. In acute myeloid leukemia up-regulation of miR-92a has been reported in humans in vitro(More)