Mohammad Kazem Rofouei

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In this article a super selectivity potentiometric methodology, using an ion-selective electrode, for determination of mercury ion(II) in aqueous solution was investigated. For modification of the(More)
In this approach, a new chemically modified carbon paste electrode was assembled for potentiometric assay of mercury(II) ion in the aqueous environments. Hereby, MWCNTs were used in the carbon paste(More)
A simple and selective method for rapid extraction and determination of trace amounts of copper(II) ions using octadecyl-bonded silica membrane disks modified with 11-hydroxynaphthacene-5,12-quinone(More)
In this work, we will report a combined experimental and theoretical study on molecular and vibrational structure of N,N'-di(p-thiazole)formamidine (DpTF). DpTF has been synthesized and characterized(More)