Mohammad Kazem Bakhshizadeh

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In this paper, power quality standards such as IEC 61000-3-6, IEC 61000-2-12, EN 50160, and CIGRE WG 36-05 are fulfilled for single- and three-phase medium-voltage applications using selective harmonic mitigation-pulsewidth modulation in a cascaded H-bridge (CHB) converter. Furthermore, the ER G5/4 power quality standard, which has the strictest grid codes(More)
Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) has recently become a popular multilevel topology for high-power applications, where the reliability performance is a crucial design consideration. In this paper the impacts of the circulating current in the MMC to the loss and thermal loading of power semiconductor devices are comprehensively investigated. Also a novel(More)
This paper presents a state-of-the-art review on grid connection of large offshore wind power plants (OWPPs) using extra-long high voltage AC (HVAC) cables. The paper describes research by DONG Energy Wind Power in close collaboration with Aalborg University addressing related challenges through an industrial PhD project. The overall goal is to gain a(More)
The converter behavior in harmonic studies or harmonic stability analysis can be evaluated by its output impedance. In order to overcome the nonlinearities introduced by the PLL, linearized models around the operating point are typically used. However, in the case of an imbalance in the system the dq signals are not dc anymore, and therefore, linearization(More)
This paper presents an interleaved active-clamping zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) forward-flyback converter without an output choke. The presented topology has two active-clamping circuits with two separated transformers. Because of the interleaved operation of the converter, the output current ripple will be reduced. The proposed converter can approximately(More)
In this paper, a Selective Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width Modulation (SHE-PWM) method, which utilizes adjustable dc links, is presented for a Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) based on Cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) multilevel converter. The proposed switching algorithm is able to fix the capacitors voltages at optimum and unequal values, while injecting(More)
Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) has recently become a popular multilevel topology for high-power applications. Conventionally, the circulating current between the legs of an MMC is an unwanted current that must be minimized in order to reduce the converter loading. In this paper the impacts of the circulating current in the MMC to the current ratings of(More)
Participation factor analysis is an interesting feature of the eigenvalue-based stability analysis in a power system, which enables the developers to identify the problematic elements in a multivendor project like in an offshore wind power plant. However, this method needs a full state-space (SS) model of the elements that is not always possible to have in(More)
Some couplings exist between the positive- and negative-sequence impedances of a voltage-sourced power converter especially in the low frequency range due to the nonlinearities and low-bandwidth control loops such as the phase-locked loop. In this paper, a new numerical method based on the harmonic transfer function for analysis of the linear time periodic(More)
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