Mohammad Javed

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—The present paper provides an effective and novel approach for face recognition using fusion of Gabor filtering and Principle component analysis techniques. The system commences face features extraction through Gabor filter, through convolving the morphed images of particular face with a series of Gabor filter coefficient at different scales and(More)
Often called 'the heart of the engine', the fuel injection system is without any doubt one of the most important systems. It meters the fuel delivery according to engine requirements, it generates the high injection pressure required for fuel atomization, for air-fuel mixing and for combustion and it contributes to the fuel distribution in the combustion(More)
In this letter we present a scheme for generating maximally entangled states of two cavity modes which enables us to generate complete set of Bell basis states having rather simple initial state preparation. Furthermore, we study the interaction of a two-level atom with two modes of electromagnetic field in a high Q cavity. The two-level atom acts as a(More)
In computer forensics analysis, hundreds and thousands of files are usually examined. Lots of the data present in those files consists of unstructured text, and the analysis of those texts difficult to be performed by computer examiners. For that there is a need of automated methods of analysis. In particular, algorithms for clustering documents can help(More)
Electro Cardiogram (ECG) signals are affected by various kinds of noise and artifacts that may hide important information of interest. Independent component analysis is a new technique suitable for separating independent component from ECG complexes. This paper compares the various Independent Component Analysis (ICA) algorithms with respect to their(More)
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