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BACKGROUND Osteoporosis is the disease of bone that affected King David of Israel 3000 years ago. This condition is no longer considered to be due to aging alone and is increasingly recognised as a major health concern and accounts for about 1.5 million fractures annually in United States. Objective of this study was to see the frequency of osteoporosis in(More)
Often called 'the heart of the engine', the fuel injection system is without any doubt one of the most important systems. It meters the fuel delivery according to engine requirements, it generates the high injection pressure required for fuel atomization, for air-fuel mixing and for combustion and it contributes to the fuel distribution in the combustion(More)
—The present paper provides an effective and novel approach for face recognition using fusion of Gabor filtering and Principle component analysis techniques. The system commences face features extraction through Gabor filter, through convolving the morphed images of particular face with a series of Gabor filter coefficient at different scales and(More)
The paper presents investigation on the mechanical characteristics of no-fines bloated slate aggregate concrete (BSAC) through laboratory testing. The BSAC concrete employ locally available coarser aggregates formed of slate (clay rock), with no fine aggregates, where aggregate-to-aggregate bond is achieved through water-cement paste resulting in(More)
Electro Cardiogram (ECG) signals are affected by various kinds of noise and artifacts that may hide important information of interest. Independent component analysis is a new technique suitable for separating independent component from ECG complexes. This paper compares the various Independent Component Analysis (ICA) algorithms with respect to their(More)
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