Mohammad Javed Khosrowjerdi

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In this technical report, the problem of Simultaneous Fault Detection and Control (SFDC) is considered. This problem is reduced to a multiobjective optimization problem. We show that there exists a fundamental separation theorem allowing us to seperate this multiobjective problem into a control problem and a fault detection problem. Moreover, the SFDC(More)
— In this paper, we study the problem of fault detection in linear time-invariant systems which contain two types of inputs: Inputs with fixed and known spectral densities and inputs with bounded power. It is shown that this problem can be formulated as a mixed H 2 /H∞ filtering problem where the filter gain is computed by solving a pair of coupled Riccati(More)
In this paper, design, simulation and implementation of a decentralized nonlinear feedback linearization controller are addressed. The experimental results are presented, and the performance of the proposed controller is compared with a linear state feedback controller. It has been shown that the nonlinear controller has fairly better results in comparison(More)
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