Mohammad Javad Sanjari

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A microgrid (MG) comprises a low-voltage network with several microsources, critical and noncritical loads, and energy storage systems (ESSs). It can operate in the grid-connected or islanded modes. In islanded mode, the voltage and frequency of the MG should be controlled by different distributed energy resources (DERs). This paper focuses on the analysis(More)
This paper presents an effective method to control distributed energy resources (DERs) installed in a microgrid (MG) to guarantee its stability after islanding occurrence. Considering voltage and frequency variations after islanding occurrence and based on stability criteria, MG pre-islanding conditions are divided into secure and insecure classes. It is(More)
A microgrid is composed of distributed power generation systems (DGs), distributed energy storage devices (DSs), and loads. To maintain a specific frequency in the island mode as an important requirement, the control of DGs output and charge action of DGs are used in supply surplus conditions and load-shedding and discharge action of DGs are used in supply(More)
This paper presents a statistical learning-based method for security assessment of microgrids (MGs) in case of isolation from the main grid. Based on the stability criteria, the MG pre-islanding conditions are divided into secure and insecure regions. Critical system variables regarding the MG dynamic security are first selected via a feature selection(More)
This paper proposes a novel optimization algorithm called Hyper-Spherical Search (HSS) algorithm. Like other evolutionary algorithms, the proposed algorithm starts with an initial population. Population individuals are of two types: particles and hyper-sphere centers that all together form particle sets. Searching the hyper-sphere inner space made by the(More)
The motivation to develop microgrids (MG), as a particular form of active networks is explained and presented as an effective solution for the control of grids. In MGs, with high level of penetration of Distributed Energy Resources, the stability becomes an important issue. Some control characteristics of elements such as droop coefficients in VSI highly(More)
Microgrid (MG) is composed of loads, Micro-Sources (MS) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) operating as a single controllable system. In MGs, with high levels of Distributed Energy Resources, the stability becomes an important issue. The concept of “base-load” might not be considered in a typical MG, i.e., large load variations are expected to(More)
This paper presents a new control method for D-STATCOM operation under unbalanced condition. The aim of this method is to balance the load currents. The proposed method extracts the negative and positive sequence components for generating reference values of current that should be injected in order to compensat the load. The proposed method offers(More)