Mohammad Javad Fadaee

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In this paper, a statistical model is presented for decision making in repairing water pipes network. The water distribution system has been considered as a “repairable” system which is under repeating failure modes. From this, a practical model for anticipating the failure of the water pipes in repairable systems has been presented using the trend renewal(More)
This paper presents a computer-based method for the optimal design of three-dimensional Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures having beams subjected to shear force and bending moment, columns subjected to biaxial moments, biaxial shears and axial loads, and shear walls subjected to pure shear. Regarding the beams and columns, the design variables are the(More)
We present a new strategy for applying to continuous genetic algorithm for damage detection of structures. This strategy pursues two aims: 1) reducing search space by elimination of some design variables during optimization process, 2) improving each individual by solving the linearized problem using Moore-Penrose pseudo inverse at the end of reproduction(More)
A new element with three nodal curvatures has been considered for analysis of the nonprismatic curved beams by finite element method. In the formulation developed, the force-curvature relationships in polar coordinate system have been obtained first, then the curvature of the element has been assumed to have a second-order polynomial function form and the(More)
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