Mohammad Janjua

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Torsade de pointes (TdP) or "twisting of the points" represents polymorphic ventricular tachycardia in the setting of prolonged QT interval and is characterized by QRS complexes that change in morphology and amplitude. We report a rare case of TdP, associated with QT interval prolongation, caused by intravenous moxifloxacin given for pneumonia in a(More)
We propose to use an externally applied uniform electric field to alter the distribution of particles on the surface of a drop immersed in another immiscible liquid. Specifically, we seek to generate well-defined concentrated regions at the drop surface while leaving the rest of the surface particle free. Experiments show that when the dielectric constant(More)
A uniform electric field is used for cleaning drops of the particles they often carry on their surface. In a first step, particles migrate to either the drop's poles or equator. This is due to the presence of an electrostatic force for which an analytical expression is derived. In a second step, particles concentrated near the poles are released into the(More)
As chips further shrink toward smaller scales, fabrication processes based on the self-assembly of individual particles into patterns or structures are often sought. One of the most popular techniques for two-dimensional assembly (self-assembled monolayers) is based on capillary forces acting on particles placed at a liquid interface. Capillarity-induced(More)
We present a technique that uses an externally applied electric field to self-assemble monolayers of mixtures of particles into molecular-like hierarchical arrangements on fluid-liquid interfaces. The arrangements consist of composite particles (analogous to molecules) which are arranged in a pattern. The structure of a composite particle depends on factors(More)
Lake Annecy is the second largest natural lake in France, with intensive commercial and recreational fisheries. However, there is limited knowledge of its trophic interaction. A preliminary Ecopath model was fitted to study the trophic interaction in the lake using the available data on most of the ecosystem compartments. Fourteen functional groups were(More)
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