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and Applied Analysis 3 The functional equation 1.7 was first solved by Kannappan. In fact he proved that a mapping f on a real vector space is a solution of 1.7 if and only if there exists a symmetric biadditive mapping B and an additive mapping A such that f x B x, x A x , for any x see 9 . The stability problem for 1.7 is also studied in 26 . Moreover 1.7(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 Here are some useful examples of regularized quasi-semigroups. Example 2.2. Let {Tt}t≥0 be an exponentially bounded strongly continuous C-semigroup on Banach space X, with the generator A. Then K s, t : Tt, s, t ≥ 0, 2.5 defines a C-quasi-semigroup with the generator A s A, s ≥ 0, and so D D A . Example 2.3. Let X BUC R , the space of(More)
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