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Wide and discriminate use of antibiotics has resulted in serious biological and ecological concerns, especially the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Probiotics, known as beneficial microbes, are being proposed as an effective and eco-friendly alternative to antibiotics. They were first applied in aquaculture species more than three decades ago, but(More)
| Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) also named Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease or AHPND should be considered as a new emerging shrimp disease that has been attacked to shrimp farms in Southeast Asia. It was detected in shrimp farms in southern China as first record in 2009 and then in Hainan Island in 2010 and afterward in Viet Nam and Malaysia in 2011(More)
Mullets are dominant fishes in the catch composition in the southern coasts of the Caspian Sea and after (Rutilus frisii kutum Kamensky, 1901) have a worthy role in production of marine proteins and incomings of north provinces of Iran. Mullets stocks decreased dramatically in recent decades in the Caspian Sea and catch amount reached from 6446 MT on 2002(More)
In the current scenario of increasing and emerging drug resistance in various microbial pathogens, traditional antibiotics are becoming less effective and thus globally research has focused on developing alternative therapeutic regimens having efficient germ killing abilities. The leading alternatives include use of phages, prebiotics, probiotics,(More)
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