Mohammad Jahazi

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This study investigated the effects of semi finish, finish and critical finish machining parameters on the microstructural evolution of subsurface layers in Inconel 718. In order to assess the microstructural evolution in the subsurface layer following machining, advanced characterization methods including opto-digital microscopy, X-ray diffraction and(More)
The reprecipitation mechanisms and kinetics of γ' particles during cooling from supersolvus and subsolvus temperatures were studied in AD730(TM) Ni-based superalloy using Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA). The evolution in the morphology and distribution of reprecipitated γ' particles was investigated using Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscopy(More)
The paper presents some results of the research connected with the development of new approach based on the artificial neural network (ANN) of predicting the transformation start temperature of the phase constituents occurring in five steels after continuous cooling. The independent variables in the model are chemical compositions (C, Mn, Nb, Mo, Ti, N, Cu,(More)
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