Mohammad Jafar Tarokh

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Recently, resolving the problem of evaluation and ranking the potential suppliers has become as a key strategic factor for business firms. With the development of intelligent and automated information systems in the information era, the need for more efficient decision making methods is growing. The VIKOR method was developed to solve multiple criteria(More)
Agile Supply Chain Management (ASCM) increasingly becomes an effective and important measure to enhance competitive advantage of enterprises that needs the support of agile information system to integrate their supply chain more effectively and quickly. An agile supply chain features model is developed to help enterprises reach agility in their supply chain(More)
The growth in the field of Information Technology (IT) has been very fast in last few decades and the various applications depending on IT are also changing very drastically. One of the very popular IT applications is online teaching and learning. The main focus of this article is to survey the various online e-learning architectures and then make a(More)
Data mining techniques have been used widely in the area of customer relationship management (CRM). In this study, we have applied data mining techniques to address a problem in the business-to-business (B2B) setting. In order to continue its business in a manufacturerretailer-consumer chain, a manufacturer should improve its relationship with retailers. In(More)
Service Oriented Enterprises (SOEs) outsource their functionalities via third party web services. Therefore, there is a need for a systematic approach to manage the cooperation of the services. SOEs perform their functionalities in an extremely dynamic environment. Changes that happen to a SOE are categorized in two types: top-down changes and bottom-up(More)
No business is an island. For success, the business will need to deal with customers, suppliers, employees, and others. In almost all cases there will also be other organizations offering similar products to similar customers. These other organizations are competitors. And their objective is the same—to grow, make money and succeed. Effectively, the(More)
With the emergence of high speed wireless networks and parallel advancements in Internet-based technologies such as the semantic Web, Web services, agent-based technologies, and context awareness, the realization of the vision of the intelligent wireless Web (IWW) has become a possibility. Under a project named SWESS (Smart WEb-based Supply chain(More)
Churn prediction is a useful tool to predict customer at churn risk. By accurate prediction of churners and non-churners, a company can use the limited marketing resource efficiently to target the churner customers in a retention marketing campaign. Accuracy is not the only important aspect in evaluating a churn prediction models. Churn prediction models(More)
World Wide Web has become an important channel for conducting the businesses. The Information Technology provides the opportunity to access the global market for the Enterprises. Increasingly the IT is becoming the first point of contact with Prospects and the customers for the businesses. This leads to the necessity for Understanding the behavior of the(More)