Mohammad Ivan Fanany

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Differential Evolution (DE) is one of the powerful optimization methods. Performance of this algorithm is significantly relying on its parameter setting. These parameters are usually constant during the entire search process. However to set them accurately is not easy and totally depends on the problem characteristic. To address this challenge, a number of(More)
A person with sleep disorder such as apnea will stop breathing for a while during sleep. If frequently occurs, sleep disorder is dangerous for health. An early step for diagnosing apnea is by classifying the sleep stages during sleep. This study explores some shallow classifiers and their feasibility applied to sleep data. Recently, a sleep stages(More)
This paper presents a linguistically motivated approach for dance gesture performance evaluation using skeleton tracking to robustly classify arbitrary dance gesture into one of predefined gesture classes and provide performance score in regards to the dance master's gesture. The gesture class in this study is a set common gesture of Bali traditional(More)
Bali traditional dance has gain international reputation thanks to its highly articulated body-part motions, fascinating eyes movement, facial expressions, and colorful costumes. Although the motions are viewed as the main aesthetic factors, automatic recognition and verification of their kinesthetic elements using computer is a challenging problem.(More)
This paper presents a fingertips tracking system based on particle filter using Microsoft Kinect. The tracking is performed in two separate modules: image-based 2D position tracking and calibrated 1D depth tracking. The two modules is then combined to represent full 3D fingertips tracking. The separation is aimed for faster tracking by putting as most(More)
SIBI (Sistem Isyarat Bahasa Indonesia) is the commonly used sign language in Indonesia. SIBI, which follows Indonesian language's grammatical structure, is a complex and unique sign language. A method to recognize SIBI gestures in a rapid, precise and efficient manner needs to be developed for the SIBI machine translation system. Feature extraction method(More)
Nowadays taking a photo from smartphones is widely popular because of their simplicity and convenience, but the images from them sometimes suffer from illumination and color distortion, so an enhancement of these images are necessary. There are many kind of image enhancement have been proposed. One of them using metaheuristic. In this paper we pursue(More)
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