Mohammad Inayatullah Babar

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2 Acknowledgements This report presents a model of trachoma transmission and control developed during a two year project funded by the International Trachoma Initiative (ITI). It contains detailed description and validation of the model using data from trachoma endemic communities, and presents investigations into the impact of mass distribution of(More)
— Intrusion prevention is one of the fundamental requirements for a network to be secure. Investing on intrusion prevention forbade its use for securing many networks. This study proposes a very basic way to prevent intrusions without any additional cost. Snort is a free open source IDS, which we have integrated with a Cisco router to prevent intrusions.(More)
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a widespread adopted technique for wireless and wired communication systems because of its inherent feature of the spectral efficiency and robustness to channel impairments. The throughput deterioration of the OFDM system due to pilots can be reduced by minimizing the density of pilots. A Modified Minimum(More)
This study was carried out as a prerequisite to evaluate the therapeutic potential of Camellia varieties. The crude extracts of six different plants of green tea Camellia assamica and Camellia sinensis were tested against three Gram-positive and four Gram-negative bacteria using agar disk diffusion method at 50 mg/ml concentration.(More)
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is state of the art symmetric cipher. This study illustrates a new approach to low cost and efficient implementation of AES cipher on 8 bit microprocessors. This crypto processor implementation is recommended for low speed applications where cost, availability and ease of developing and manufacturing comes in. Most(More)
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