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The present study emphasizes the molecular interactions between human brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and the natural ligand Huperzine-B and its comparison to 'AChE-Tolserine interactions'. Docking between Huperzine-B and AChE was performed using 'Autodock4.2'. Hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bonds both play an equally important role in the correct(More)
An experimental demonstration of active stateful PCE for flexgrid networks is presented. The PCE enables elastic operations on established connections and, when required, performs hitless defragmentation of spectrum resources. Experimental assessment, including shifting of 400Gbps four sub-carrier superchannel is shown.
This paper proposed the use of multi-instance feature level fusion as a means to improve the performance of Finger Knuckle Print (FKP) verification. A log-Gabor filter has been used to extract the image local orientation information, and represent the FKP features. Experiments are performed using the FKP database, which consists of 7,920 images. Results(More)
There is increased global concern to implement accurate person verification in various facets of social and professional life. These include banking, travel and secure access to social security services and defense installations. While biometrics have been deployed with reasonable success with modalities that include face, finger print, etc., the importance(More)