Mohammad Iftekhar Husain

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Apple iPhone has made significant impact on the society both as a handheld computing device and as a cellular phone. Due to the unique hardware system as well as storage structure, iPhone has already attracted the forensic community in digital investigation of the device. Currently available commercial products and methodologies for iPhone forensics are(More)
We produce here a model to explain the control of testosterone secretion. In this model the hypothalamic secretion of the hormone LHRH (luteinizing hormone releasing hormone) is controlled by a combination of local testosterone concentration and of the local concentration of the pituitary hormone LH (luteinizing hormone). Since LHRH stimulates the release(More)
Smart phones with Internet capability are growing in popularity, due to many of their useful capabilities. Among other handy features of smart phones, Instant Messaging (IM) is very popular due to the level of convenience it provides in interpersonal communications. As the usage of IM on smart phone is increasing rapidly, it is important to take measures in(More)
We show that every almost universal hash function also has the storage enforcement property. Almost universal hash functions have found numerous applications and we show that this new storage enforcement property allows the application of almost universal hash functions in a wide range of remote verification tasks: (i) Proof of Secure Erasure (where we want(More)
We consider the following problem that arises in outsourced storage: a user stores her data x on a remote server but wants to audit the server at some later point to make sure it actually did store x. The goal is to design a (randomized) verification protocol that has the property that if the server passes the verification with some reasonably high(More)
Security and robustness are paramount in wireless embedded systems due to the vulnerability of the underlying communication medium. To institute security and reliability, most of the existing schemes perform periodic re-establishment of authentication credentials and share secrets among various participating nodes. However, such measures result in overheads(More)
—A common approach for introducing security at the physical layer is to rely on the channel variations of the wireless environment. This type of approach is not always suitable for wireless networks where the channel remains static for most of the network lifetime. For these scenarios, a channel independent physical layer security measure is more(More)