Mohammad Hossien Asadi

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OBJECTIVES Some histopathological alterations take place in the ischemic regions following brain ischemia. Recent studies have demonstrated some neuroprotective roles of crocin in different models of experimental cerebral ischemia. Here, we investigated the probable neuroprotective effects of crocin on the brain infarction and histopathological changes(More)
Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal element, which probably cause infertility by impairment in spermatogenesis. The present work aimed (i) to study the toxic effect of cadmium on spermatogenesis in rat, as well as (ii) the protective effect of Crocus sativus L. on cadmium-intoxicated rats. Cadmium chloride was administered intraperitoneally during 16 days at(More)
Embryonic stem cell (ESC) therapy is an exciting way to treat neurodegenerative disease and central nervous system injury. However, many ethical and immunological problems surround the use of embryonic stem cells. Finding an alternative source of stem cells is therefore pertinent. In this study, spermatogonia stem cells (SSCs) were used to generate mature(More)
OBJECTIVES Kidney stone disease is a common form of renal disease. Antioxidants, such as vitamin E (Vit E) and boron, are substances that reduce the damage caused by oxidation. METHODS Adult male rats were divided into 5 groups (n=6). In group 1, rats received standard food and water for 28 days (control group); in group 2, standard rodent food and water(More)
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