Mohammad Hossein Saraee

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OBJECTIVE To examine the risk of stroke in relation to quality of hypertension control in routine general practice across an entire health district. DESIGN Population based matched case-control study. SETTING East Lancashire Health District with a participating population of 388,821 aged < or = 80. SUBJECTS Cases were patients under 80 with their(More)
One of the best and most accurate methods for identifying disease-causing genes is monitoring gene expression values in different samples using microarray technology. One of the shortcomings of microarray data is that they provide a small quantity of samples with respect to the number of genes. This problem reduces the classification accuracy of the(More)
OBJECTIVES Medical data are a valuable resource from which novel and potentially useful knowledge can be discovered by using data mining. Data mining can assist and support medical decision making and enhance clinical management and investigative research. The objective of this work is to propose a method for building accurate descriptive and predictive(More)
'Scam' is a fraudulence message by criminal intent sent to internet user mailboxes. Many approaches have been proposed to filter out unsolicited messages known as 'spam' from legitimate messages known as 'ham'. However up to this date no suitable approach has been proposed to detect Scams. Almost all spam filters which use Machine Learning approaches,(More)
Cancer is most deadly human disease. According to WHO 7. 6 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2008 were caused by cancer. A Cancer diagnosis can be achieved with gene expression microarray data. Microarray allows monitoring of thousands of genes of a sample simultaneously. But all the genes in gene expression data are not informative. The relevant(More)
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