Mohammad Hossein Neishaburi

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To address the increasing demand for reliability in on-chip networks, we proposed a novel Reliability Aware Virtual channel (RAVC) NoC router micro-architecture that enables both dynamic virtual channel allocations and the rational sharing among the buffers of different input channels. In particular, in the case of failure in routers, the virtual channels(More)
Nowadays, in MPSoCs and NoCs, multicast protocol is significantly used for many parallel applications such as cache coherency in distributed shared-memory architectures, clock synchronization, replication, or barrier synchronization. Among several multicast schemes proposed in on chip interconnection networks, path-based multicast scheme has been proven to(More)
Decrease in the Integrated Circuit (IC) feature sizes leads to the increase in the susceptibility to transient and permanent errors. The growing rate of such errors in ICs intensifies the need for a wide range of solutions addressing reliability at various levels of abstractions. Network on Chip (NoC) architecture has been introduced to address the(More)
Bug-free first silicon is not guaranteed by the existing pre-silicon verification techniques. To have impeccable products, it is now required to identify any bug as soon as the first silicon becomes available. We consider the Assertion Based Verification techniques for the post-silicon debugging based on the insertion of hardware checkers in the debug(More)
Continuing advances in the processing technology, along with the significant decreases in the feature size of integrated circuits lead to increases in susceptibility to transient errors and permanent faults. Network on Chips (NoCs) have come to address the demands for high bandwidth communication among processing elements. The structural redundancy(More)