Mohammad Hossein Ghaeminia

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Sequential object tracking using mean shift method has become a convenient approach. In this method, an object of interest is represented by its global feature such as a color histogram. The next position of the target is then estimated through a constraint histogram matching. The linearization of the histogram matching metric might not work properly,(More)
Spatio-temporal features can extract style of walking in a video sequence and are used to model human's motion for specified recognition tasks. The generic model of spatio-temporal feature is derived from spatial filtering of the video followed by a temporal filtering. Recently, several types of filtering kernels are proposed for human's motion analysis.(More)
Background modeling and detecting moving objects in scene is a convenient method in many surveillance systems. We propose an approach that is useful in estimating background. In our approach, first each frame is divided to blocks, and blocks in frame sequences sorted to make block series. Finally PCA process applied to these block series. Based on PCA(More)
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