Mohammad Heydari

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In 2012, Wang and Qin proposed an authentication mechanism in order to get access control for mobile pay-TV organization to enhance the Sun and Leu’s technique. Wang and Qin declared that their technique satisfies the security expectations or requirements intended for mobile pay-TV system. However, this work indicates that Wang and Qin’s scheme suffers from(More)
BACKGROUND Musculoskeletal disorders are among the most prevalent occupational disorders in different jobs such as office work. Some interventions such as ergonomic modifications and workplace exercises are introduced as the methods for alleviating these disorders. In this study we compared the effect of ergonomic modifications and workplace exercises on(More)
C Use of prophylactic antibiotics following tube thoracostomy for blunt chest trauma in the prevention of empyema and pneumonia hest injury is a common problem in patients sustaining blunt or penetrating trauma. 1 Thoracic wounds account for 20-25% of all trauma deaths. Only 10-15% of all chest wounds require tube thoracostomy, whereas the remaining 85% can(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular diseases are among the most important sources of mortality and morbidity, and have a high disease burden. There are some major well-known risk factors, which contribute to the development of these diseases. Occupational stress is caused due to imbalance between job demands and individual's ability, and it has been implicated as an(More)
Introduction. Cardiovascular disorders (CVDs) are among the most important diseases in the world and determination of their risk factors is essential for primary and secondary prevention. This study aimed to evaluate these risk factors in workers of tile and ceramic industry, a main industry in Yazd. Materials and Methods. In a cross-sectional study, 1075(More)
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