Mohammad Hesamzadeh

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The main purpose of this paper is to summarize the findings from simulating two stochastic short-term planning models for a price-taker hydropower producer. The first model is a two-stage stochastic linear programming problem. Profound sensitivity analysis is provided in terms of volatility in spot market prices and water inflow level. The results show that(More)
This paper develops a price-driven optimal bidding strategy to day-ahead and real-time markets for a profit maximizer hydro power producer. The electricity prices in different market places are unknown when the bidding takes place. The optimal bidding problem is modeled as a multi-stage stochastic program considering the market prices continuously clearing(More)
The use of the ground as the current return path often presents planning and operational challenges in power distribution networks. This study presents optimization-based models for the optimal selection of conductor sizes in Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) power distribution networks. By using mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP), models are(More)
Balancing services are used for maintaining the continuous balance between generation and load in the system and keep the frequency stable on its nominal value. The demand for balancing services is increasing with the growing penetration of wind generation into the electricity industry. It is clearly seen that a major challenge of the coming environment for(More)
As renewable electricity generation increases around the world, transmission networks are forced to adapt. The growing need for balancing services and long transmission distances lead to increased costs, which somehow need to be recovered. This paper considers the transmission pricing methodologies in four countries and assesses them against optimal pricing(More)
This paper proposes a bi-level stochastic optimization problem (a Stackelberg game) to generate optimal bids for a profit maximizing hydropower producer and presents a mathematical approach to solve it. The first level represents the strategically acting hydropower producer also called a Stackelberg leader, while the second level represents the transmission(More)
Electricity systems are changing rapidly worldwide, and transmission pricing needs to adapt. As renewable energy production increases, it is vital that the costs for transmission are recovered while recognising the special characteristics of different energy sources. In this paper, a new transmission pricing approach is presented and compared to the(More)
Power systems are becoming older and more intense. Thus, disturbances are inevitable and it is important to develop a powerful methodology to lessen the damages afterward. This paper proposes a new linear formulation based on an approximated version of AC power flow model to compromise between speed and accuracy of decision making process. In the proposed(More)
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