Mohammad Hassan Larizadeh

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We have elucidated the alteration in hippocampal and cerebellum function following chronic cisplatin treatment in male and female rats. Hippocampus and cerebellum related behavioral dysfunction in cisplatin-treated [intraperitoneally, 5 mg/(kg/week) for 5 weeks from 23-day-old] rats were analyzed using explorative, motor function, learning, and memory tasks(More)
Vincristine, an anticancer drug, is known to induce neuronal cell damage. We have elucidated the alteration in performance of the hippocampus and cerebellum following chronic vincristine treatment (0.2 mg·(kg body mass)(-1)·week(-1)) in male and female rats. Intraperitoneal injection of vincristine in adolescent rats caused impairment of motor and cognitive(More)
Economic decision models are being increasingly used to assess medical interventions. Advances in this field are mainly due to enhanced processing capacity of computers, availability of specific software to perform the necessary tasks, and refined mathematical techniques. We here estimated the incremental cost-effectiveness of ten strategies for colon(More)
OBJECTIVES Neurotoxicity of anticancer drugs complicates treatment of cancer patients. Vinblastine (VBL) is reported to induce motor and cognitive impairments in patients receiving chronic low-dose regimen. MATERIALS AND METHODS The effects of VBL treatment on motor, learning and memory functions of male and female Wistar rats were studied by behavioral(More)
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