Mohammad Hasan Savoji

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The final quality of a concatenation synthesis system is directly related to the continuity of the spectrum at the con-catenation point. Due to the subjective auditory masking, if we minimize the spectral distortion in the formant frequencies , the quality will increase significantly. In this paper we present, along with results concerning pitch marking, an(More)
In this paper we present a modification of the usual decimation-interpolation steps for resampling of speech signals which is especially adapted to arbitrary modification of fundamental frequency and duration of speech segments. The modification is intended to overcome the time and frequency domain limitation that such a resampling scheme imposes so it can(More)
A novel wide‐band speech coding scheme is developed, in this paper, based on kernel methods and bandwidth extension. The KLMS algorithm, a kernelized version of the well‐known LMS algorithm, is employed in the framework of the backward ADPCM technique for encoding the narrow‐band part of the wide‐band speech. Simulation results show that utilizing this(More)
A fast, efficient and scalable algorithm is proposed, in this paper, for re-encoding of perceptually quantized wavelet-packet transform (WPT) coefficients of audio and high quality speech and is called "adaptive variable degree-k zero-trees" (AVDZ). The quantization process is carried out by taking into account some basic perceptual considerations, and(More)