Mohammad Hasan Khodashahi

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Energy efficiency and long network lifetime has been of a great interest in wireless sensor networks. In addition to delivering data to the base station, a routing protocol must be energy efficient. An efficient routing technique is known as hierarchical routing based on clustering. In this paper, wireless sensor network is considered with a mobile base(More)
The vast information related to products and services available online, of both objective and subjective nature, can be used to provide contextualized suggestions and guidance to possible new customers. User feedback and comments left on different shopping websites, portals and social media have become a valuable resource, and text analysis methods have(More)
Wireless sensors networks (WSN’s) have a lot of ability for spreading in the areas where wired networks can’t operate correctly and old versions of wireless networks aren’t useful. WSN’s consist of many sensors that place in an unavailable area. The method of routing to transform information from sensor nodes to the Base(More)
Sensor networks are composed of many sensorsusually far from the region is available. Routing method inwireless sensor networks to transfer information from sensornodes to base station is especially important. Optimumconsumption of energy is important requirements in wirelesssensor networks because sensor systems typically use batterypower. In this paper,(More)
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